Decoration Ideas for a Safari Baby Shower

Hello everybody,
Recently I had the opportunity to plan a baby shower for twins (Boy and Girl). It was a small office shower, but I wanted to make sure it still had the special feel to celebrate the soon to be mom. The decoration used was one of my favorite themes the Safari Baby Shower in both pink and blue of course!
I had a lot of fun putting this shower together, and was happy to see the mom and her co-workers so happy and excited to see their meeting room turned into a mini pink and blue safari. It turned out very nicely, and I thought I would share some pictures with you guys since it was a good demonstration on how you can still pay a lot attention to details and make an office baby shower look and feel very special at minimum cost.
I used most of the items in the party box we sell here at Quick Party Box, you can view the pink and blue parties available for sale. I also added some personal touches to some of the decorations as you will see in the following pictures.
IMG_1424 IMG_1429 IMG_1432 IMG_1434 IMG_1436  20121130_114305  20121130_114327 20121130_114501 20121130_114258
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First Communion- Ideas for Favors

One of the most memorable celebrations for Catholic families is the day of their child’s First Communion. The First Communion is the culmination of a few years of learning about the sacrament and the traditions of the church. Regardless of the size of the actual celebration, it is accustomed to give a small gift to the guests who join in the celebration. These gifts or favors, serve both as a thank you to the guests for being part of the festivities, and as a  token to remember this special day by. In this post, I will share different ideas for favors both unique and traditional, along with resource links to different places you can purchase these items.
Most of the following items can be purchased on the internet, some even in local specialty stores in your area. The websites mentioned in the article are ideas of where you can purchase the favors, but they may be subject to certain limitations based on the area where you live. I would suggest researching the sites further to find the most suitable place for you to purchase your favors. I love the convenience of shopping on the internet, therefore I will happily provide the links for you in the hopes I can save you some time and money.
A great website offering many traditional favors, most which can be personalized
Collection “A” can be found at: (Right Click and open new window)
A very unique concept for favors which inspire others to do acts of kindness, while having the opportunity to donate to your favorite charities 
Collection “B” can be found at: (Right Click and open new window)
This website offers a lot of choices of favors for kids, and have very good prices and fast shipping 
Collection “C” can be found at: (Right Click and open new window)
This website offers many favors that can be personalized, most at no extra charge. Great selection, good prices. 
Collection “D” can be found at: (Right Click and open new window)
This is one of my favorites because they are so cute and so delicious! This company offers hand decorated cookies baked to order made of honey and decorated with royal icing. They also have beautiful cakes! Here are some examples
Collection “E” can be found at: (Right Click and open new window

If you are looking for tableware and decorations for your next religious celebration, check out our selection! We have complete boxes for First Communions, Baptisms, and Confirmations!

baptism basic box

I Hope you were able to get some ideas of favors you can offer at your next First Communion celebration. Please send us pictures of your event so we can share them here, and as always we want to hear your comments and ideas!

A Crafty Way to Learn Spanish

Do you love to Craft or Scrapbook? Would you like to learn a little bit of Spanish in the process? Well this article is for you!
I am a native Spanish speaker, and I have been thinking of creative ways to teach my children to speak, read and write the language and to use it as much as possible. One of the ways in which kids or anyone else can learn the language, have fun, and have some quality family time is by crafting using Latin based theme projects, and everything you can find that has Spanish words or phrases to include in the project.
For any of these projects you will need a Spanish-English translator (preferably one which shows you pronunciation in case you do not know it), and items to use to make your projects with. You can find many of the items around the house, you can also buy them online, or at your local stores. Please see the resources section at the bottom of the article, it will include links :)
Following are some ideas of these items and how you can use them to create fun projects while learning Spanish!
Loteria is the Spanish version of Bingo. Instead of having numbers being called out, there are pictures of different objects and people with their corresponding names. It is a fun game and it is very inexpensive. I have found it at local Hispanic food stores, but they also sale it online at Amazon, etc
You can use glue 2-3 of these cards together and then laminate them to make them placemats you can use everyday and practice your new spanish words ( Or have a quick game for breakfast on saturday morning using your cheerios as markers!)
Or how about some Loteria Book Covers! :

By: Apron Senorita

Create simple cards for birthdays, thank you, or just because using Spanish language embellishments. Instead of writing “Happy Birthday” say “Feliz Cumpleaños!” You can type and print these messages or, you can use these Fun and Cute Spanish Stamps I have found, they are made by Dilo En Español ( Say It in Spanish) and they are very nicely priced and they are perfect for any craft project in which you need Spanish sentiments. You will find their link at the bottom of the article. Here are some examples of these stamps:
Aren’t they Cool ?!
If you need some inspiration, visit this blog, they have many cards and projects that may inspire you!
Here are some examples of what you can find at the blog:

I love this activity, and I have found a step by step tutorial for you to learn how to make these glorious tacos (link is in resources at bottom), you can also make them out of paper, or…. be wild and make actual tacos and accomplish two tasks at once: Spanish Lesson and Lunch! It is a fun way for kids or adults to learn the name of each of the taco components, and can be played in many ways you can pretend you are a customer at a taco stand and ask your kid to make different tacos with different ingredients and have them repeat each word as they make the taco ( this is when the felt or paper taco come in handy)

For your next scrapbooking project use cutouts from Spanish magazines, books ( use the words listed there and use your favorite techniques to use these cutouts as embellishments for your projects!)
by Dulces Creaciones
by Memorias de Papel
by Memorias de Papel
I hope you have been inspired to go and learn Spanish while having fun! Be creative, and remember the important thing to do is to find the meaning of words you are using ( translation), the correct pronunciation and usage, and a lot of repetition is needed to remember the new words!
  USA TU CREATIVIDAD Y DIVIERTETE!  ( BE creative and Have Fun!)


  Dilo En Español (Spanish Stamps, Paper, & more)
 Cricut Critter Blogspot (Ideas for Spanish Cards)
 Apron Senorita (Loteria Book Cover)
 Seven Steps (Felt Taco Tutorial)
 Dulces Creaciones (Spanish Scarpbooking ideas)
 Memorias de Papel (Scrapbooking in Spanish)
 SpanishDict (Spanish Translation and Pronunciation)

Fourth of July Celebration Ideas

On the Fourth of July, we celebrate the adoption of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776 (Declaring independence from Great Britain) This is a festive day, in which many people from different backgrounds get to celebrate as ONE. We are all proud to be Americans and enjoy spending this holiday in company of family and friends.
Following I have compiled some wonderful ideas for decorations, table settings, activity ideas, and crafts to make this next fourth of July a very special day to remember!
Right click on the images to open a new window for the links.
  • Decorations and Table Settings:

Embrace the warm weather, make it a Patriotic Luau!:

How about a Vintage 4th of July Celebration!:
  • DISPLAYING YOUR FLAGS: Informative article on how to properly display and handle your flag here
  • Festive Foods:
 Rocket Dogs
 Patriotic Strawberries
 Firework Cupcakes
 Rice Crispy Stars

 Flag Sundae

 Rocket Favors
Dip Cups

 Free Coloring Pages

 Pinwheels  Pom Pom Baton

I hope you were able to get ideas for your next Fourth of July Celebration! Be Safe, and enjoy the company of your family and friends! Until Next time,

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Beverage Menu ideas for Baby Showers

Here are some ideas of beverages you may serve during a baby shower. I have included pictures and links as examples of where you can purchase items, but i do encourage you to shop around for colors that match your shower/theme.

  • Water bottles (you can arrange them in a pretty beverage tub filled with ice to keep them cool. You can also personalize the bottle  labels with either print- at-home labels or have them made online)
  • Punch – there are so many choices in brands or flavors, you can also make your own – Click on the last punch bowl for link to recipe- ( you can serve in a beverage dispenser, or a punch bowl)


  • Coffee ( I have used my Keurig Machine with different flavored coffees and it was a complete success -specially the already sweetened cappuccino which I found at walmart-, you can also use a traditional coffee maker or a coffee urn and offer different flavored creams and sugars)


  • Mimosas (Champagne and Orange juice cocktail) You can use plastic champagne flutes to complete the look. You may serve in a punch bowl and decorate with orange slices around rim. Here is a recipe:

No matter which beverages you decide to serve, remember to toast the mom-to-be in this very special celebration!
If you are looking for supplies and decorations for your next baby shower, check out our selections!:
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